تجارب ازمون ارشد اموزش زبان انگلیسی - منابع کارشناسی ارشد اموزش زبان انگلیسی

تجارب ازمون ارشد اموزش زبان انگلیسی

Language Teaching Methodology
1- Principles of Language Teaching and Learning. Douglas H. Brown
2- Teaching Foreign Language Skills. W.M. Rivers
3- Developing Second Language Skills. K. Chastain
4- Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. Richards & Rodgers
5- Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching. D. L. Freeman
6- Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. M. Celcia Murcia
7- Tesol Teaching Procedures. Brown and Madson
8- Teaching Language as a Second Language. Panlston and Bruder
9- Fundamental Concepts in Language Teaching. H.H. Stern
10- Second Language Learning and Language Teaching. V. Cook
11- An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning. Johnson
12- Second Language Teaching and Learning. D. Nunan
13- Methodology in Language Teaching. J. Richards
14- A Course in Language Teaching. P. UR

1- Testing Language Skills, From Theory to Practice. Farhadi, Jafarpour and Birjandi
2- Testing English as a Second Language. D. Harris
3- Writing English Language Tests. Heaton
4- Techniques in Language Testing. Madsen
5- Language Tests at School. J.W. Oller
6- Communicative Language Testing. Weir
7- Testing Language. A. Davis
8- Testing English. D. Baker
9- Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing. L. Bachman
10- Testing for Language Teachers. A. Hughes

1- Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. H. Farhadi
2- Research Designs and Statistics for Applied Linguistics. Hatch and Farhadi
3- Understanding Research in Second Language Learning. James DeanBrown

1- The Study of Language. G. Yule
2- Linguistics and Languages. J.S. Falk
3- Language and Linguistics. J. Lyon
4- Teach Yourself Linguistics. J. Atchison
5- An Introduction to Language. Fromkin and Rodman
6- Chomsky’s Universal Grammar. V. Cook
7- Syntax. A. Radford
8- Transformational Grammar. A. Radford

1- Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics and Teaching. Richards & Platt
2- An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language and Linguistics. D. Crystal
3- Linguistics Terms and Concepts. Geoffrey Finch

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